G.B. Book Plastics LTD.


WELCOME TO G.B. Book Plastics LTD.

Precision Custom Injection Moulding

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Markets served include:

- Building Products
- Aerospace
- Appliance
- Electronics
- Electrical
- Medical device components Class 1,2,3
- Medical-Artificial limb components
- Sporting Goods
- Food Service
- Construction

Forming Better Solutions

In today's globally competitive environment, it can be costly when a supplier let's you down. It's also frustrating when you can't get the job you needed yesterday, or the quality you require.

As a custom supplier of precision plastic moulded parts, we understand the day to day demands you face. Over the past years we've built our business by turning manufacturing challenges into everyday solutions. We've been able to prove our ability by consistently providing superior quality, competitive pricing and service excellence.

Our customers include respected manufacturers in the aerospace,medical, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, appliance, office furniture, sporting goods, hardware and food service industries. They can attest that G.B. Book Plastics  has the people, the technology and systems to deliver the solutions you need.

In 1976,  Barry Book created a long term plan for his company that involved a progressive move toward robotics and computerized machinery designed to compete in the global marketplace. With this commitment in mind, we began successfully competing internationally for business. The quality components that G.B. Book Plastics produced, together with our dedication to service, turned first-time accounts into long-term customers.

Backed by a talented and knowledgeable staff, our family and employees have been committed to continuing G.B. Book Plastics' tradition of excellence. Our state-of-the-art moulding machines and attention to detail give us an edge as a quality global manufacturer of custom plastic components.